Joy and hope for a whole village - The construction of the water well in Lyssah has now been completed and the well has been handed over to the community.

In the past week it finally happened:

After several months of preparation, which were necessary for financing and planning the project, the truck with the drill rods arrived in Lyssah in north-western Ghana and, after exploring the area, began drilling the well.

To the delight of the residents, the men tapped sufficient fresh and clean water at a depth that can still be reached with a hand pump.

They needed 8 days from the order to the completion of the 85m deep well.

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Until now, the inhabitants of the small scattered village had to walk several kilometers to a riverbed to fetch water, which also was not particularly clean.

When our member Aron Bock visited Ghana in late 2022, he was being approached by the local community with a wish for a water well. Thanks to his initiative and large personal and other donations, it has now been possible to build the well.

The well was handed over to the local community, which is also responsible for its operation and maintenance.

The water is available to all villagers, and the better hygiene and time savings result in clear advantages for the residents of Lyssah.

The "Partnerschaftsverein Allensbach-Ghana e.V.", which is active in many ways in northern Ghana, is also building a community house with a kitchen for a group of blind people in the village.

Blindness caused by onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness, which is transmitted by black flies, is particularly widespread among the elderly residents.
Another eye disease occurring in Ghana that can lead to blindness is trachoma, also known as grain disease.

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Further donations are welcome for the completion and furnishing of the building as well as for the other activities of the association. (IBAN DE72 6905 1410 0007 0850 95 - donation receipts are gladly issued)




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