Inauguration of a widows shelter

Today is a special day: Agatha, who has been cast out by her family for being a witch, can move into the newly errected room of the widows shelter.

Widows 34 1600 1066 Kuutere Vor Dem Haus Welches Sie Verlassen Musste

Picture: Being cast out as a witch, she had to leave the house she lived in.

With that, months of homelessness came to an end. Finally, she had a roof over her head again, was able to feel at home again. Together with our African friends, we have been looking forward to this moment excitedly. Thanks to the great support of Lucilla Dayouri and a very generous donor this has become reality.

Construction of a small aquaponics system in Allensbach

As of late, there is also an Aquaponics-Fishery in Allensbach!

As the Uni-Ponic Group of the University of Constance has been dissolved recently, we were able to obtain the small Aquaponics system (volume: 1000 liters), that has been maintained up until nowby Ms. Carolyn Müller , for free.

We dismantled it on its original location in the historical center of Constance and rebuilt it in an unused greenhouse of the former nursery Hausler in Allensbach.

 The system consists of a 1000l fish tank and three  1,2m² plant basins that have been filled up with lava shingles (Hydro culture substrate).

The first 15 young Tilapia fish (3-5 cm long), we bought from a breeder in Neuffen, have been released on 18th of May 2020. These are the same fish that are also being grown in Africa.

Gardens for Tuna - Now with drop irrigation fed by the new aquaponics system

A major goal of the "Gardens for Tuna" project is to enable women groups to purchase properly registered plots of land that they can administrate and cultivate together to provide their families with fresh and healthy food.

In case of a good harvest, any surplus fruit and vegetables can be sold by the women on the weekly market.

Gardens Drip Irrigation 1

Any earnings from fruit and vegetable sales go into the budget cashboxes of the women, who are also responsible for paying the school tuitions, school uniforms and books for their children.

Introduction of beekeeping in Tuna N.R. - Ghana

This project helped women - who did not yet have the possibility to earn their proper income - to earn more than 200€/year. The project started in a very pragmatic way: To citizens of Allensbach who visited Ghana in 2008, asked Lucilla Dayouri and her husband, Oxford Dayouri, how they could express their thanks and help them and the women groups a little.The answer was to finance three beehives for them - total cost: 100€.

Beekeeping Project Training 2017 Setting Up Beehives 02 1024 768

No sooner said than done: A carpenter from Tuna created three beehives based upon the instructions of Oxford Dayouri.