Our Association

The "Partnerschaftsverein Allensbach-Ghana e.V." (Twinning Association Allensbach-Ghana - a registered non-profit organisation) is a spin-off of the "Christliches Aktionsbündnisses Allensbach" (Christian Action Alliance Allensbach) that originated from a joint committee of the protestant and the catholic parishes of Allensbach.

The members of the Partnerschaftsvereins Allensbach-Ghana e.V. made it their mission to establish a connection between the people of Allensbach and Ghana, including visits to each other.

We would like to maintain a lively cultural exchange and to implement projects in various areas together on a cooperative basis - helping to create a better future for the people in Ghana.

With the help of our membership fees, donations and activities to obtain funding for our projects and by organizing know-how transfers, we would like to support people in Ghana and further projects that Ghana would like to implement to improve livelihood opportunities.

We consider it very important to help people to help themselves and to also focus on supporting disadvantaged and particularly vulnerable groups. In particular, these are disadvantaged women and women groups, people with disabilities and all people we can help to improve their livelihood opportunities considerably with our projects.

The aims of our association are in close alignment to the goals of Father Bernhard Hagen (1936 - 2016) whose activities are also being held in high regard within the ranks of the Ghanian government.

Our initial focus will be the Ghanaian region of Tuna/Kalba in the northwest of Ghana.