Participate - Become a member of our association!

We appreciate every new member that supports our work in the north of Ghana morally or with donations.

As all our active members work on a voluntary basis, all your membership fees and donations will go towards the projects and the people supported by us.

We appreciate our economic wellbeing in Europe in general and especially in Germany. This is why we would like to provide the people in Ghana as well with the opportunity to build themselves a good and self-determined life - as we largely have it in Germany as well.

The support of women is a focus of our work and we are guided by the conviction of Father Bernhard Hagen, the "spiritual father" of our association, who always used to say " If you are helping the women, then you are helping the whole society".

We consider it very important to help people to help themselves and we introduce new technologies only if our local partners wish us to do so. This way, we want to achieve a sustainable effect, to ensure that the projects continue after we set them up together with our partners and accompanied the starting phase.

So with an active or passive membership in our association you can really make a difference.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you as one of our members soon!


Membership Application Form

The yearly fee for a sponsoring membership is 48€. Membership fees are collected by direct debit and donation receipts can be issued upon request.
Please get in touch with us, if you are interested in a sponsoring membership, as we are currently still in the process of translating our website and our forms.