Tuna Region - Our Contacts

Tuna is a small but growing town that is located in the northwest of Ghana close to the borders to Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. The town is located directly at the main road that leads from Damongo to Wa.
Close to 160 villages, hamlets and individual farmsteads belong to Tuna amounting to approx. 40.000 inhabitants. 

In terms of tourism, Tuna is not yet a highly developed region, it is rather off the beaten tourist track.

But should a tourist go astray and end up in Tuna, he will find a gas station with a small but good restaurant at the end of the town, where one can relax savely and have something to eat and drink.

Gas Station And Restaurant Tuna 1

The gas station and the restaurant are being operated by the Dayouri family, who also play a central role in the development projects in this region.

Ms. Lucilla Dayouri has been instructed by the local bishop to lead the local women groups interreligiously. The aim is to help the women to support each other and to obtain more rights within their communities.

Mr. Oxford Dayouri is an official member of the local water committee and responsible for the maintenance of the approx. 30 ponds in the Tuna region. In 2019, he has been elected chief of the Firifor tribe.

Ms. Lucilla Dayuori has received the "Stop Hunger Award" in Paris. The prize, a tractor, is now being used by the women to help them tilling their fields.

This is but a small first introduction to the region and to the people we are working with.